Jamuna Mukhia

Hi, I am Jamuna Mukhia. My education level doesn't define me, my experience of life does. I studied clinical counseling but realized life was counseling me instead. I am into blogging because of my gut feeling telling me to write and share the world the wired thoughts in my head. I suppose thoughts are in the head that I don't know either because I am everywhere in a sec.

Empower the Frontline Workers of COVID-19

Recently I was working for m4m (me for myself) and I was assigned with the task of gathering opinion from people about what they feel about the frontliners so that we could empower the frontline workers of covid-19. “Me For Myself” is a youth initiative campaign dedicated to promoting the mental health and well-being of …

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Maslow Hierarchy with regards to COVID-19

Maslow Hierarchy diagram

COVID-19 through the lens of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and Bhutan’s Response. In 1943, an iconic psychologist Abraham Maslow presented a theory of human motivation that has remained for decades with acceptance and praise. It is known as the Maslow Hierarchy of needs. The basic idea of the hierarchy is conceptualized in a pyramid with …

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