Mid-twenty life lessons from my mother

I started to envy women more when I started to appreciate what my mother has been to me. She always reckons that her daughter learns to stand on her own and for herself. She did her part and I learned from what she was doing. Many a time we overlook what our mothers do to us, only to find in later life that she was teaching you life lessons in each step of her life. So in this article, I am going to share my mid-twenty life lessons from my mother that I have learned.

A dozen Lessons from my mother :

1. Commitment and faithfulness

My mother committed to raising three children on her own and also taken care of her old age parents. I know she had her male siblings who could have shoulder the responsibility but I am proud she did what a son could do. She was committed to raising her children rather than find her own happiness elsewhere. My mother found happiness in sacrificing. She remained committed to her responsibilities as a mother, as a daughter and also faithful as a wife. If I want to become anything in life, I want to become like my mother, an epitome of commitment and love.

2. Look for the positive

There are few times in my life where I have broken down and she was standing positive about the negative situation I was in. This is how our mothers are. They see positivity even when we see all darkness. They see the light when we can't even spot a white dot.

3. Speak your mind

I always saw my mother speak what she had in mind and that’s what I learned from her. People find it blunt when the truth is spoken but it's okay when you have nothing to lose. I always have been speaking what's on my mind.

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4. Endure pain without letting others know

I grew up without knowing that I was living with a single mother and her parents. I was so immature to know what my mother might have had gone through. She might have endured emotional trauma, the hardship of living by herself, and the pain of raising her children but she never let us know about it. I wish I was her who could endure pain and resilient enough to handle any situations in life with strength. In our society pains are often interpreted as weakness.

5. Forgive others’ mistakes

The best lesson that I have learned from my mother is forgiveness. She forgives and forgets and I do forgive but never forget.

6. Make life fun

My mother has always been a fun-loving person and someone who could connect to any age.

7. Never give up

There are many times in life when I wanted to give up but every time I remember my mother who never gave up even though she was alone taking care of many lives. I bounded myself with strengths and more energy.

8. Surround yourself with what you love

It is often hard to surround what you love but my mother knows what she loves. She loves flowers and gardening and our home is filled with flowers. Here I am trying to explore and find what I love.

9. Always save

How my mother was always self-sufficient is due to always saving the little from all the expenses and that’s what I do today. You never know when uncertainty hits.

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10. Let your partner do his way

What my father did was  never a business for my mother. What he gave her was enough and she never questioned how he was doing it. She is an independent woman with a will to rise by herself. I know when I get married I would take my mothers’ lesson to never interfere with my partners’ ways.

11. Always support your child

My mother has always supported each of us. There was never a time when she has raised her voice nor her hand. She was always there for us. She was both a mum and dad in person. My mother was there for us even in the worst days of ours and never blamed us for whatever we did.

12. Be a smartly religious person

Being smartly a religious means you do many of the acts with compassion than doing with the name of God.



No one in the world can take the place of your mother. Right or wrong, from her viewpoint you are always right. She may scold you for little things, but never for the big ones. ~ Harry Truman

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