Time to Keep Calm – COVID-19

Let me tell you…you can’t get anywhere by overwhelming yourself with the thoughts of getting diseases. There is no use of using the mask and hoarding it at home when you don’t wash your hands.No use of washing your hands when you don’t maintain physical distance. No use listening to every X and Y news when it doesn’t tell the truth. Mindfulness is needed at this time. What is enough and what is needed must be known. When you wash your hands, focus your mind on washing. Given parking to your thoughts on what you are doing then what you did and going to do. It is time to keep calm due to COVID-19.

Calm Nature
Calm Nature

Let's Keep CALM...

You know that the number of cases is increasing every day in other parts of the world but it's also decreasing in China. I know it worries you and it does to me too. Anyways, how does worrying going to reduce the number of cases around the world? Let's breathe out the worries ( take a long breath in and let it out), it not going to help anyone. It is time to keep calm and stay healthy.

If I ask anyone to be positive about the situation, I would get backfired with thousands of data on how the pandemic is affecting lives but it that data relatable to us in Bhutan. I know it is our world but we have our own monarch at the frontline, our government taking steps ahead. So why not we be calm.

We are in Bhutan, we are being cared for just by this - it creates calmness in us. So, see what we think is what we are. Positive self-talk is important. For example, "I am in Bhutan" and "I am Safer than many other Humans". Just recalling these lines can have a positive impact on our neuro-system which helps us to be positive and think clear.

I know its tough situation but aren't we Bhutanese the toughest? Recall your hard days. Did it last long? No... there was always a silver lining in the passing times and time heals the soul and so does the earth. Let's remember that earth is taking time to heal herself and we are standing stronger.

Dalai Lama has rightly said that it is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others. It is our time. Let's learn to love ourselves and stop being selfish. Adversity comes to test our potential and Bhutan has the potential and so does the people.

No use hoarding 10 bags of rice when someone next door is starving. Its Bhutanese time to show that we have the potential to beat any adversity with compassion. Contribute to your capacity.

The best contribution to humanity, for now, is staying home and washing your hands.

Have you ever felt so uncertain and still arose the next morning, fresh and alive, HOPEFUL. In the face of adversity, we forget that every dawn brings a new day. Hope brings optimism. The situation right now has turned lots of us into becoming uncertain but there is always hope in waking up safe.

Let's take a pause to count our blessing. How many can you point out? Gratitude for what we have and how we are makes us feel less vulnerable. I am grateful, I am alive, I am blessed to be born in Bhutan and I have my king. Be grateful for the little things that one overlooks -  the cloth you wear, the air you breathe, the land you live, the water you drink, the internet connection you have. These things may seem insignificant but somewhere someone is praying for the "blessing you have".

Let's keep praying. When nothing in the world works, Prayer does. Most importantly let's keep calm.

If you are worried about the mental health of yours during the COVID-19 pandemic you can check out my blog regarding how to take care of your mental health during this pandemic. Remember it is time to keep calm until the COVID-19 is no more a threat to human life. If you have any queries please feel free to drop a comment in the comment box or directly reach us by using the contact form available in the contact us section.

P.s Kindly avail the mental health services of ministry especially designed for COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact Number: 17123237 / 17123238  / 17123239 / 17123240 / 17123241

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